M E L I S S A   D ' A N T O N I

Melissa D’Antoni facilitates creative breakthroughs for Change Agents/Visionaries and CEOs ready to unleash emotional and financial freedom so they can expand their impact through authentic soul expression.

As an international retreat facilitator, coach,  catalyst and the visionary force behind The Fire Tree School of Alchemical Arts and the Fire Tree Method® -- a unique blend of the expressive and transformative arts within a strong coaching framework. As a trained psychotherapist, Melissa left the clinical model 20 years ago to birth this integrated, holistic, right-left brain, multidimensional approach to wholeness and well-being, the cutting edge of using the creative arts for transformation, evolving out of trauma patterns and living in our full creative human potential on the canvas and off. 

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To inquire about attending one of Melissa's private retreat experience on Martha's vineyard, email Melissa at melissa at firetree studios .com

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